Carlos Camelo is an actor and a folkloric musician. As art itself as not limits, so it has been Carlos’ openness to new cultures and languages. Through continents, Carlos has transpassed mental, physical, borders and frontiers bringing along his only carriage, his culture.

The Carlos Camelo of the present

Currently when he isn’t busy performing as a musician or an actor, he is focusing on his coffee business. Apart from that, he teaches and Introduces young children and adults the Colombian language, his native tongue. Therefore, he helps them to understand and appreciate other cultures, expanding their minds and enriching their lives.

In Detail



Born and raised on the South Estern Part of Colombia, Cali. I had Studied Electrical Engeniering, English and graduated  at the University of BINUS International, Jakarta, Indonesia with my BS in Computer Science.  My musical appreciation began as an autodidact, and then later I took popular guitar classes at the conservatory in my hometown. As devoted artist, I will continue to work in both acting and music, and hope to be able to contribute my skills to art and music to this world.

Exploring his humanity

He began acting during his teenage years in his native town of Cali, in Colombia doing small plays, then performing in various works at the Polytechnic School. He was offered a role as ‘Carlos de Vega’ in the sitcom “Kelas International” on NET TV. Currently, he is focusing on his acting career and continues to refine his acting technique on a daily basis.

Let's understand ourselves

The universe is full of infinite knowledge, the closer it is the more it expands. Absolute immensity, like the human mystery itself. For that reason, enjoy the now because you do not know when the light of your eyes, your existence will be extinguished.

I want to appreciate every unrepeatable wonder,  moment, and reach every heart in my path expressing that in essence we are one and we only live once.

I want to continue my passage on this earth every day being grateful to the  ephemeral nature of life.

My Prayer

Mother Earth show me the way, that my action always be given by your will. That at sunrise, as a leaf my body, with each breath gets the energy to fulfill its human purpose. Let the flight of the Condor satellite along with my thoughts. Make me your protector, guardian in thought and action on each step I take. This, your son who spurted and will return to you.


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